How to Prompt ChatGPT Effectively Infographic 

365 Financial Analyst
365 Financial Analyst

ChatGPT is quickly turning into an indispensable part of our lives. Businesses and individuals alike facilitate its robust capabilities to transform their workflow and generate growth. By simply typing a prompt, ChatGPT generates step-by-step strategies, effective solutions, and practical ideas. Its ability to streamline processes has proven valuable in a financial setting. Analysts utilize ChatGPT for trend and investment analysis and idea generation, as well as a formula auditor and productivity booster in Microsoft Excel. 

Use the How to Prompt ChatGPT Effectively infographic to learn how to extract the most from the AI algorithm. This open-access resource is a structured guide for creating effective ChatGPT prompts to suit your needs.  

Boost your productivity and stay current using the most powerful AI repository available.  

If you wish to learn how ChatGPT works and engage with it like a pro, take our Intro to ChatGPT and Generative AI course

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